Our Partners Share the Benefits of CU Realty and the HomeAdvantage Program!

How Wright-Patt CU and Others Increased Their Pull-Through Rate

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Looking to increase mortgage pull-through rates? HomeAdvantage not only attracts more homebuyer leads but also helps keep them in your mortgage pipeline untill they close. Our clients report pull-through rates of 80% and higher! Hear what Wright-Patt CU, Star One CU and Credit Union Mortgage Association have to say about their successes using HomeAdvantage.

CU Realty Saves Members Money

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Find out how credit unions can help make homeownership more affordable for their members with HomeAdvantage® Cash Rewards! Whether it means less money down at the closing table, or cash back for moving expenses or new furniture, the savings are a valuable benefit to both members and credit unions.

Some credit unions have already given back $1 million or more in Cash Rewards! Check out CU Realty’s prestigious Million Dollar Club.

CU Realty Builds Strong Agent Relationships

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Serious about developing strong real estate agent relationships that keep members close and drive higher pull-through rates? Agents in CU Realty Service’s HomeAdvantage network are trained to deliver a high level of service while keeping your brand front-of-mind when members are ready for a mortgage! Hear what some of our top credit union partners say about their successes with our certified agents and the HomeAdvantage program.

Credit Union 1 Builds a Strong Community of Home Buyers and Agents

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How did Credit Union 1 (CU1) in Illinois achieve a blockbuster 93 percent pull-through rate with loan applicants who used HomeAdvantage agents to buy their homes? Hear Daniel McLean, VP of real estate operations for CU1, explain how this large credit union nearly doubled its closings goal by building strong agent relationships, employee empowerment and ongoing marketing efforts, bolstered by HomeAdvantage.

Star One Credit Union Uses HomeAdvantage as an “Engine of Retention”

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How does one of Silicon Valley’s largest credit unions ensure member loyalty when it comes to mortgages? Answer: HomeAdvantage! Hear Victoria Tabler, senior real estate lending manager for Star One, explain how the program is a “engine of retention” that not only helps them create and retain mortgages, but also creates repeat business for her credit union.