Our Solutions

From Lead Generation and Nurturing, to Reporting, HomeAdvantage Is a Game Changer!

Key Business Integrations

For credit unions focused on maximizing their results, HomeAdvantage offers easy-to-use, optional integrations for CRM/Core and LOS systems to help increase lead capture and improve pull-through rates.

Generate More Leads

Studies show that more than 50% of all buyers start their search online as a first step—while less than 8% seek a lender first. The HomeAdvantage® portal empowers your credit union to attract those web-savvy buyers using the online content they want and need, including property listings, market trends, agent referrals and calculators. And as they engage with the site, our progressive profiling converts them into leads while identifying when they plan to move and if they are pre-qualified. 

Improve Lead Nurturing

Not every buyer or seller lead will be ready to transact today—or even in the next six months. That’s why we deploy a three-pronged lead nurturing strategy leveraging a co-branded drip campaign, outreach from our Member Concierge team, and our network of certified agents. Our mission is to keep your members connected with HomeAdvantage and your credit union until they are ready to close on a mortgage.

Increase Pull-Through Rates

For many lenders, a majority of loan applications and pre-approvals do not come to fruition. But thanks to our full-funnel marketing system including our ongoing lead nurturing and the enticement of Cash Rewards, credit unions are seeing real change. Our clients report incredible pull-through rates of 80% and higher when members use HomeAdvantage to buy a new home!

Create Agent Relationships

HomeAdvantage comes packaged with a network of certified agents who will help your members search, buy, sell and save on their transaction. All HomeAdvantage agents are hand-picked from top, local brokerages and trained to keep your brand front-of-mind when members are ready for a mortgage.

Reduce Costs of Home Ownership

When members use the HomeAdvantage program to buy or sell their home, they qualify for HomeAdvantage Cash Rewards. This incredible benefit puts cash back in your member’s pocket—$1,500 on a national average per transaction—that can be used to reduce closing costs or make purchases for their new home.

Drive Loan Officer Productivity

Deploying successful sales and marketing strategies from the top down can be challenging. HomeAdvantage offers many enablement tools such as: incentives for employees who invite members into the program; ongoing employee training; and an easy-to-use Employee Dashboard that puts everything they need to be successful right at their fingertips. 

Gain Lead Pipeline Visibility

No real estate services platform is complete without robust reporting to help you manage your lead pipeline and continually refine processes. The HomeAdvantage program provides insights into major milestones from member enrollment to agent referrals and closings. In addition, our reports even let you know where your members funded their loan if they didn’t choose you!

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