Herb Behrens joins CU Realty Services as CEO

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – CU Realty Services has named Herb Behrens, former Vice President of Mortgage Lending at BCU, as its new CEO. Behrens will succeed former CEO Mike Corn, who will transition to Chairman of the Board for CU Realty and remain a strategic advisor to the company he co-founded and still co-owns.

BCU becomes first credit union to give back $1M in HomeAdvantage Cash Rewards to members in a single year

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – BCU has become the first credit union to save its members more than $1 million in a single year through CU Realty’s HomeAdvantage® program. These savings come in the form of HomeAdvantage Cash Rewards, which BCU members earn at closing when members use the turnkey real estate program to buy or sell their home. BCU met this unprecedented milestone in 2020, which is even more impressive considering the strains that credit union mortgage teams faced that year with refinance transactions and remote working environments due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Credit unions on both coasts celebrate saving members $1 million through CU Realty Services’ HomeAdvantage program

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – Credit unions on both coasts are celebrating saving their members more than $1 million when they buy and sell homes through the HomeAdvantage® program from CU Realty Services. Florida-based FAIRWINDS Credit Union and California-based Redwood Credit Union are the newest members of CU Realty Services’ Million Dollar Club. Twelve credit unions across…

iQ Credit Union Achieves 94% Purchase Mortgage Pull-Through Rate Using CU Realty Services’ HomeAdvantage Program

SCOTTSDALE, AZ—iQ Credit Union, which serves 85,000 members throughout southwest Washington and Portland, is celebrating dramatic mortgage growth since implementing the HomeAdvantage® program from CU Realty Services. The turnkey real estate marketing platform helps credit unions retain more of its members’ mortgage business. iQ has achieved an impressive 300 percent improvement in its pull-through rate…

CU Realty partners with five new credit unions and expands into Oregon

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – Five new credit unions, including the first in the state of Oregon, have partnered with CU Realty Services to offer the HomeAdvantage® program to members. HomeAdvantage is a turnkey real estate marketing platform that helps credit unions attract and nurture home-buying members and close more purchase loans. CU Realty Services is the largest…