About Us

From Lead Generation and Nurturing, to Reporting, HomeAdvantage Is a Game Changer!

CU Realty Services is an innovative real estate technology CUSO based in Scottsdale, AZ. Our signature program, HomeAdvantage®, is a turn-key marketing platform that helps credit unions identify and engage more home buyer leads, and close more loans.

Pioneering Real Estate Services

CU Realty is among the pioneers of online real estate. Founded in 2001, we were one of the first companies to offer searchable property listings through the internet. And we were the first company to package that service along with an agent network and a cash-back benefit exclusively for credit unions. Our goal was to help members save time and money on their real estate transactions, while building more business for our credit union clients.

Since then, CU Realty has continued to be a disruptor in the market by adding important technology enhancements to HomeAdvantage that:

• Support a seamless, end-to-end home buying and selling experience

• Automate lead-generation, lead-nurturing and lead-delivery activities

• Connect credit unions and members to local real estate agents

• Incentivize and enable workforce productivity

• Integrate with LOS, Core and CRM systems

Serving Credit Unions Nationwide

Today, HomeAdvantage serves more than 125 credit unions and mortgage CUSOs in 24 states. Our clients are serious about leveraging our program to reach members early in the home buying process so that they can build better relationships with their members and with local agents, as well as reach significant purchase mortgage goals.

Delivering Proven Results

Making an early connection with members through HomeAdvantage leads to impressive results. Our clients report increases in loan production of over 40% and pull-through rates that exceed 80%.

Members win, too: In 2018, HomeAdvantage put nearly $6.2M in Cash Rewards back in members’ pockets. Over the program’s lifetime, we’ve returned more than $46M!

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